Around the house

Here is some of the services JGD Handyman provides in & around the house. If you donít see the service listed here just contact us to see if we can do it. JGD Handyman does NOT provide any electrical or plumbing services, as well as most major roofing. We are fully insured. JGD Handyman also provides renovation & new site clean up.


shed, shelves, storage, fence, walls, drop ceiling, pet toys / houses, kid play house, sandbox, mailbox, & much more.


shelves, trim, molding, flashing, curtains, blinds, insulation, holiday lights, laminate flooring, doors, windows & much more.


Interior & exterior, staining, caulking, sealing, cover water damage, over smoke/fire damage, kill and cover surface mold, touch ups, trim, over concrete


Windows, gutters, decks, carpets, sheds, garages, attics, basements, junk/garbage removal, construction or renovation site cleanup, recycling, power washing


drywall repair, calking, concrete/cement, walkway, driveway/walkway/roof snow removal, new furniture assembly, general repairs / maintenance, framing, carpet cleaning, moving, driveway sealing, senior living modifications

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within 20km of Cranbrook

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