This is a few pictures of different kinds of things JGD Handyman has built.

metal deck covering

Shed with Brick bottom, JGD Handyman built whole shed, from cement base up to shingle roof

Insulated shed

         Before                         After

Drywall repair

Tile, grout, paint, caulking & vanity installation all done by JGD

Contact us & we can get most of your “to do” list completed, on time & on budget.

Back splash grout & caulking

Window, trim, caulking, painting, & sill all installed by JGD

laminate installation

During & after Laminate floor installation

Pot hole repair

Line Marking

Drywall repair

Tile repair & door install

Make you driveway last & look great by sealing it every 2-3 years

Stairs made with slabs, pavers & accent wall blocks.

Installation of mirror & fabrication of backing.

Before               Flooring removal                  After

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