Snow removal

offers snow & ice removal services

Available in Cranbrook only

JGD Handyman provides driveway, walkway, roof, & deck snow removal as well as parking lots. We also do ice removal from walkways & driveways. JGD Handyman can do your salting and sanding of walkways, driveways, & parking lots as well. Whether you need snow removal for the whole winter, while your away or just cause itís too much snow, you can count on JGD Handyman to get it done.

Snow removal starting at the low price of only           $15.00

JGD handyman does both residential & Commercial snow removal.

We are fully insured

JGD Handyman Does salting & sanding too.

JGD Handyman does roof snow removal as well.

JGD Handyman has the manpower to get your snow removal job done.

We offer

Free estimates

 If your job needs a plow truck JGD Handyman has 2 to get your snow removal job done.

Snow removal


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If you need snow piles moved off site or moved for better visibility or just to make more room JGD handyman has the tools to get your job done.

Call JGD Handyman if you want :            Fair prices                                                    Fully insured operations                           Reliable company                           Professional Staff                               Guarantee that your job will be done right!

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